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4x-4u usb
LIAN LI rack mount server case
Sophisticated, practical and cool. The aluminum server cases not only keep your system cooler than most other cases, the slick look will impress anyone. With so many bays, its ideal for server use.

+ Lian-Li 4U 4X server chassis.
+ 6 x 5.25" open, 1 x 3.5" open,
   1 hidden x 3.5" hard disk bay.
+ Holds 12" x 13" motherboards.
+ Three 120 mm ball-bearing fans.
+ Two 60 mm rear ball-bearing fans.
+ Two front USB ports.
+ Two sets of power & reset switches
   at the front and rear.
+ Power LEDs and 11 hard drive LEDs.
+ FCC, CE approved.
+ Fits PSII size power supply.
+ Power suppy not included.

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