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mOBILE rack
» The mobile hard drive rack suits the needs of the modern day computer user. Portable and easy to install and use, mobile racks allow for easy storage capacity increase, data storage, and data transfering.

» The electric key lock feature keeps all data secure and confidential. Highly recommended for data disaster recovery, and all done without rebooting or reconfiguring the computer system.

+ Black coated inner rack.
+ All aluminum removable hard drive rack.
+ Dimensions: 224 x 146 x 42mm.
+ Holds 1" and 1.62" height 3.5" HDD.
+ Ball-bearing dual fans in the front.
+ Supports W-SCSI U3-160
   & up to 15000 RPM HDD.
+ Electronic key lock.
+ Swaps inner racks with: RH-26, RH-29,
   RH-39, RH-600, and RH-620.

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