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Lian Li PC-V2100
Aluminum server tower Case
The newest model released by Lian Li! By far surpasses all the rest. Lian Li, a brand name that proves quality and high performance, has release its newest model, the PC-V2100. Visually, its bezeled face curves at the top and bottom inspires smarter and more thought out improvements: The case wheels are machined solid aluminum, and the main-board mounts inverted while the power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case to eliminate excess hanging wires.

Sophisticated, elegant and cool. The aluminum cases not only keep your system cooler than most other cases, the slick aluminum look will impress anyone. In a classic color, its easy to specialize a cool look for your computer server.

+ Dimension: 210 x 617 x 650mm (W x H x D).
+ Drive bays: 7 x 5.25", 12 x 3.5" internal
+ Fan: 2 x 12cm ball bearing fans
+ M/B type: EXT ATX & Pentium 4
  (max size: 12"x13")
+ Front I/O: IEEE 1394 port x 1;
  USB 2.0 x 2; MIC x 1; EAR x 1
+ Slot: PCI Slot x 7.


+ Interior three zones design for better heat dissipating.
+ The fans are fixed with anti-vibration rubber rings.
+ Aluminum door with lock.
+ Sound insulated foam inside.
+ Easy assemble device for side panels.
+ Sliding tracks for easy assemble hidden H.D.D.
+ Aluminum casters with brake.
+ Crenellate edge of side panel.
+ High quality stainless power button.
+ Removable sound damping cover for the fan in the rear.
+ CD/DVD ROM bezel x 1 ; 5.25" to 3.5" converter with floppy bezel x 1.

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