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Lian Li PC-Q07
Aluminum MINI Tower Case
+ Color Options: Black
+ Material: Hard anodized aluminum
+ Dimensions: 7.61 x 11.04 x 8.25 inches (wxhxd)
+ Dimensions: 193 x 280 x 208mm (wxhxd)
+ weight: 1.1kg/ 2.4 lb
+ Drive Bays: 5.25 inch x 1 External
+ Drive Bays: 3.50 inch x 1 Internal, Pluss 1 x 2.5 inches HDD/SSD
+ Motherboard Type: Micro ITX (max size: 6.7 x 6.7 inch)
+ (Removable right side panel is functioning as Motherboard Tray )
+ Front Fan: two 12 cm removable ball bearing fan (Demountable type)
+ Rear Fan: one 8cm ball bearing fan
+ Interface: USB2.0 x 2
+ Expansion Slot: 1
+ Power Supply: Not included


+ The Mini-Q PC-Q07 has passive cooling design with ventilation hole at case's top and bottom, left and right for air flow and cool, due to there are less heat from the Mini-ITX system.
+ There are also some vent holes next to the rear I/O slots for CPU cooling as well as a special designed room (70 mm hight) for CPU cooler.
+ All the components spec are standardized design for easy get parts from the market. For instance, it is for standard mini ITX motherboard, standard 5.25 inches Optical Drive, Standard PS2 Power supply, and standard 3.5 inches or 2.5 inches Hard Disk
+ The 3.5” hard drive mounted with tool-less thumb screw with shock-absorption rubber ring, to reduce the noise. The Chassis is made of 1.5mm aluminum alloy panel, It's thickness is prevented the vibration problem. To reduce the size of the Mini-Q PC-Q07, the side panel are secured with screws to reduce the vibration, and lower the noise level.
+ Thermal Solution: The Mini-Q PC-Q07 has passive cooling design, due to there are less heat from the Mini-ITX system. There are vent holes at the bottom part of the side panels and chassis, allow air to enter to cool the system down.
+ The power supply units can be turn 180 degrees when user has a 120mm cooling fan. Which it will make fan facing to the motherboard and gives a passive cooling for CPU. Or have the fan facing outwards if there is a power CPU cooler.
+ The motherboard mounted on the right-hand-side side panel. Therefore it makes the installation of the tiny motherboard much easier. No need to work inside the tidy case.
+ The installation of 3.5” hard drive requires no tool at all, with the latest Lian Li patented anti-vibration HDD mounting system, mount the hard drive with thumb screws, and slide it into the cage.
+ The power supply unit mounted with a mounting plate, after connect all the cables, slide the power supply into the case through the rear opening. It is also a handy design when service the system.
+ Two USB port connectors follow international specification standards, All I/O ports in the front, allow for easy access.
+ This Lian Li Aluminum PC case is compatible with a Standard ATX power supply

» If you are looking for a compact, light, and durable mini tower, Lian-Li has release another mini tower - the PC-Q07 Aluminum Case. It's designed to not only allow you to build the PC of your dreams but also to fulfill all your computer needs. A highlight is the tool-less removable side panel that holds the motherboard.

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