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Lian Li

-PC-35 USB
-PC-A05 A Silver
-PC-A05 B Black

Lian Li PC-42 USB
Aluminum MINI Tower Case
The aluminum mini series not only keep your system cooler than most other cases, but the slick look will impress anyone. The mini-towers' lower profile case fits tight spaces and still provides all of the great features you expect in a Lian Li case.

+ Holds Micro ATX 244mm x 244mm
   (9.6" x 9.6") motherboard.
+ Only Lian Li case that includes
  a 200w micro ATX power supply.
+ P4 and AMD ready.
+ Complies with the specification of
   Intel SFX12v (Pentium IV).
+ 2 Front USB connectors.
+ 4 Bays.
+ 1 Sleeve fan.

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