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Aluminum mid-Tower Case
NEW! This gamer computer case will wow everyone. Its bright red front panel and dynamic shape has deemed this spectacular computer case the name "The Diabolic". With its may impressive features, its hard not to want this new and distinct computer case.

Dimensions: 482.6 x 457.2 x 431.8 mm

Drive Bays:
+ 4 x 5.25" Exposed (Slide in/out)
+ 2 x 3.5" Exposed (Slide in/out)
+ 4 x 3.5" Internal (Slide in/out)

Power Supply
+ SPI ODM 300W/350W/400W power supply.
+ Includes 400W P4 ATX power supply.

Front Panel
+ 4 x front USB (2.0).
+ Audio and phone connector.
+ 1 x 1394 firewire.
+ 3G fan duct.
+ 1 x 120 mm fan on the rear.
+ Tool-less chassis design.

+ Support Intel 3G CPU (Intel Approved) Pentium P4 ready chassis.

+ Supports up to four 5.25" devices secured with rails, which slide in/out from the front.

+ Supports up to two 3.5" devices secured with rails, which slide in/out from the front.

+ Supports up to four internal 3.5 HDD with handle, secured with thumbscrews which slide in/out from the side.

+ Offers both ATX and Micro ATX motherboard compatibility.

+ Includes seven I/O slots on rear panel, all ATX/BAT interchangeable.

+ Features special vent holes on door and side panel (tool-less) for better thermal performance.

+ Includes 120mm fan at rear.

+ Support 2.0 Version front USB, IEEE 1394 Firewire, audio, and phone jack.

+ Tool-less removable/installation of M/B tray.
+ Key Lock.
+ 5 different colors to choose from: Electric Yellow, Venom Green, Storm Blue, Blood Red, Arcane Purple.

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