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Lian Li

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Lian Li PC-A77
Aluminum Full Tower Computer Case

» Sophisticated, elegant and cool. The aluminum cases not only keep your system cooler than most other cases, the slick aluminum look will impress anyone. It's easy to specialize the look of your computer desktop.

+ Color Options: Black or Silver
+ Material: Anodized aluminum
+ Dimensions: 220 x 595 x 590mm (wxhxd), 8.66 X23.43 X23.23 inch (wxhxd).
+ Drive Bays: 12 x 5.25, 1x HDD rack(6 bays of 5.25 space) for 9 hidden HDD
+ Motherboard Type: Extended ATX M/B (max size: 12 inch x13 inch)
+ Expansion Slot: PCI Slot x 7
+ Fan: Front -120mm bearing fans x 2; Rear - 120mm bearing fans x 2
+ Front Ports: USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394, E-SATA x 1, HD+AC97 Audio
+ Power Supply not included

+ Freedom hardware setup, maximum use of 5.25 inch bay, with HDD Anti-Vibration Kit as well as Anti-Vibration Kit on chassis.
+ Dual 120mm Intake Fans, maximize HD to 9 HD
+ Support Liquid Cooling System
+ Automatic Fan Speed Controller with LCD Thermometer
+ - Three-Fan Controller
+ - Three Thermal Sensors
+ 5.25 inch Ventting Bezel with Air Filter
+ Optional Graphics Card cooler
+ Space for E-ATX and 395mm Graphics Cards
+ Add-on Card Support Kit
+ Removable Top Cover, Removable M/B Tray
+ Support Dual Power Supply Units
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